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Cynthia Backer



         Bachelors of Science - Nursing

         Master in Art of Teaching

         Master of Integrative Health

         Holistic Nurse - Board Certified

         Reiki Master

         Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

         Certified Holistic Stress Management                              Instructor

"My goal is to help children, teens & adults  create healthier, more joyful lives."


~Cynthia Backer, Director and Founder~

Cynthia is excited to put her years of integrative health research into action with Purple Shoes Wellness. As a holistic nurse and educator, she has taught wellness to all ages for over 30 years. Cynthia has served essential roles in pediatric and family nursing, elementary and middle school classrooms, university nursing settings and hospital management.


Her innovative projects include implementing a nature/technology grant for children, developing recipes for gluten free and vegan diets, bringing Healing Touch to nurses at Tri-City Medical Center, teaching healthy eating classes for San Diego Continuing Education, and bringing holistic art experiences to children at High Tech High Elementary North County.


Cynthia sees private clients, blogs, and writes articles for professional publications. She has also speaks at national conferences and has been featured on industry radio programs.


In her spare time, Cynthia can be found art quilting, collecting rocks and gems, baking, hiking in the woods, and traveling. Cynthia has two daughters and lives in Portland, Oregon.



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