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Engaging Integrative Health and Wellness Workshops

Cynthia is a creative, gifted speaker who connects with her health and wellness presentation participants in fun, meaningful ways. She is a requested speaker for in-person and online staff gatherings, conferences and events. She expertly delivers current, evidence-based integrative health and wellness education, focused on your group. 

Here is a sample of the topics Cynthia can share with you:

Resilience and Well-Being

  • Resilience Strategies for Health & Happiness

  • Importance of Self-Care

  • Joy, Resilience and Laughter

  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue: Strategies to Stay Healthy


Integrative Health

  • What is a Plant-Based Diet? 

  • Rocks and Nature for Healing

  • Easy & Natural Ways to Promote Restful Sleep

  • Tapping Your Way to Feeling Better Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Improving Lives Through Integrative Health 

Cynthia’s FRAMES® Health and Wellness Model

  • Food – Healthy Food Choices

  • Releasing – Releasing Stress

  • Art – Expressing Through Art

  • Mindfulness – Awareness Techniques

  • Energy – How We Impact Each Other

  • Stones – Nature for Balance


Healthcare and Nursing

  • Exploring Non-Traditional Education Opportunities in Healthcare

  • Nurse Coaching

  • Holistic Nurse Practice

  • Understanding Reiki and Its Use in Traditional Healthcare Settings


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