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Surrendering to Spontaneous Fun

Ever have a day when things seem to be in perfect alignment? A synchronous day when things happen in an unbelievable, fascinating way? I did - yesterday.

In the morning, I shared “Increasing Your Business Intuition for Success” with my peers at Hera Hub, a co-working space I belong to. Each person received a copy of Dr. Judith Orloff’s article, “6 Ways for Tapping Your Intuition.” I liked the fact that Dr. Orloff had written a great article and was a UCLA psychiatrist and bestselling author in the Los Angeles area, close to Carlsbad.

A few hours after my talk, I was on a Facebook bookstore site and noticed Dr. Orloff was giving a talk in 2 hours in Venice, CA, exactly 2 hours driving time from my home! I decided this was no accident. I hopped in my car braving the rush hour traffic but was surprisingly less stressed since this was an unplanned adventure.

I arrived in 2 hours, secured an easy place to park, heard Dr. Orloff's entire talk, met Dr. Orloff and got a copy of her new book signed! I was grateful and amazed at the way it all turned out.

Dr. Orloff’s new book? The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life. I realized later as I was driving home, I had surrendered to the moment to have fun.

I wish you lots of moments of surrendering to fun!

(Thank you to Mystic Journey Bookstore for sponsoring the book talk.)