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Moonstruck Chocolate - For Children and Children at Heart

One of my favorite sweet treats is Moonstruck chocolate. This could seem to be a contradiction as a promoter of healthy eating but I disagree. I believe that thoughtfully prepared sweets in small amounts, including chocolate, can make any occasion special. Celebrating life in little bites is important.

On my trip to Portland, Oregon last week, I was privileged to be able to visit Moonstruck Chocolate Co.'s NW 23rd Ave. Chocolate Cafe. Here's what I bought (clockwise starting in the upper left hand corner): Pumpkin Truffle, Extra Bittersweet Black Cat, Raspberry Chambord Truffle, Wild Huckleberry Truffle, Milk Chocolate Beaver Truffle and Tuaca Truffle.

The folks at Moonstruck and their Master Chocolatier Chef Julian Rose answered a few questions for children and children at heart:

What are some of Chef Rose's favorite moments at Moonstruck Chocolate?

Chef Rose really enjoys the Research & Development part of his job. He gets free reign to make whatever his creative mind can come up with and he spends countless hours in his test kitchen making his dreams a delicious chocolate reality. The rest of our team's job is making what he creates into a sellable packaged product for the world to enjoy.

Do you market any of your chocolates with children in mind or for the child at heart?

Our chocolate certainly has a whimsical quality and we believe that our chocolate should entice the imagination, creating a true chocolate experience that anyone can enjoy, both child and children at heart.

How would Chef Rose advise any young people interested in creating chocolates? His advice to young people interested in creating chocolate is do what you love, no matter what that is. His favorite quote is: "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.

"What advice do you have on introducing young children to chocolate? Small amounts and listen to what they like and dislike.