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FRAMES™ Integrative Wellness Program 

for Health Care Providers, Teachers & Parents

Engage your staff or add to your parenting tools with FRAMES™ Integrative Wellness Program.  This easy-to-implement curriculum explores the use of established wellness tools to increase mental and physical health. FRAMES™ provides innovative learning with proven results, tailored for health care providers, teachers, and parents. 


Benefits for You and Your Staff:

  • Increased effectiveness in teaching & parenting

  • Promotion of positive behavior for your children

  • Improved communication between you & your children

  • New ways to de-stress and promote your self-care 

  • Improved mental, physical & emotional health

Sessions Provided:

Introduction -Food - Releasing - Art - Mindfulness Energy - Nature

FRAMES Integrative Wellness Program


Integrative health and the impact on the body, mind and emotions



Healthy foods and how they help our bodies. Easy ways to incorporate healthy foods into our day. Review of recipes and preparation of food choices. Food sampling. 



How life situations and being around people can create stressors. Identifying what is in our control. Experience sound, simple movement and thoughts that can decrease stress in any location.



Importance of art and its use as an expression of our feelings. Create art using an art master's work as an inspiration. 




What is mindfulness. The importance of mindfulness while you eat, work and do other activities. Why it is important to take "time out" each day. Practice mindful eating.



What is energy and how we use it each day. Plant energy and human energy. How our body's energy system can relate to our health and how we relate to others. Experience simple energy exercise.


Nature through Stones (& Wrap-up)

Connection between stones and people throughout history. Ways to use stones for balance and fun. Learn about rock samples. 

Program conclusion.

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