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FRAMES™ Integrative Wellness Program 

for Business Executives

Our FRAMES™ Integrative Wellness Program explores the use of established wellness tools in an engaging style for increased mental and physical health. This easy-to-implement curriculum is innovative, relevant and adaptable to your business needs.


  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction

  • Reduced absenteeism and employee turnover

  • Accelerated creativity, enhanced motivation and teamwork

  • Strengthened abilities to handle stress and overload at work

  • Improved mental, physical and emotional health

Sessions Provided

Introduction -Food - Releasing - Art - Mindfulness  Energy - Nature 

FRAMES Integrative Wellness Program


Mindfulness, recent studies using mindfulness. Importance of mindfulness while you work, eat and do other activities. Ways to take "time out" from our day in any setting. Practice mindful eating.



What is energy.  Recent research studies using energy fields.  How our body's energy system can relate to our health, our interactions with co-workers and others. Experience simple energy exercise.


Nature through Stones (& Wrap-Up)

Connection between stones and people throughout history. Fun ways stones have been used for stress. Use of stones for balance. Examine properties of two different types of stones. Wrap-Up. 



Integrative health and the impact on the body, mind and emotions



Healthy foods and how they help our bodies. Easy ways to incorporate healthy foods into our day. Review of recipes and preparation of food choices. Food sampling. 



How life situations and working with people can create stress. Identifying what is under our control and what is not. 5 simple ways to release stress on the job. Stress relief outside of work. Visualization.



Importance of art and its use as an expression of our feelings. How art can promote relaxation and self awareness. Create art using an art master's work as an inspiration. 



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